Why you should buy this book

It is Your Meat Mate 101. It is everything you need to know about meat before you hit the recipe books. Once you hit the recipe books you will follow them with a new level of confidence

This book will show you that you don’t necessarily need the expensive tender cuts to create delicious meat dishes. The more affordable cuts are just as good and if cooked correctly, as shown in the book, will also turn out to be restaurant quality meat dishes. But don’t discard the tender cuts because they are delicious!

Whilst there are recipes in the book, the book focuses on the knowledge, skills and techniques that the professionals use to create terrific meat dishes. Simply by cooking meat properly you have created the perfect meat meal!

This book will give you, the meat lover and the home cook, the ability to take control in your own kitchen. You will be able to go to a butchers display bar, identify the cut that you want and know exactly what to do with it when you get home.

You will be able to cook meat to impress – friends, family…… whoever!


Table of Contents

Prologue: Meet Phil Strasser

1 Meat Production & Providores

2 Meat Composition & Cuts

3 Cookery Methods

4 Terminology & Recipes

5 Sauces

6 In a Nutshell


"My aim is to send the message that preparing, cooking, and serving such meals are well within the average home chef's capabilities. It is all about having the skills, knowledge, and confidence to do so."
- Phil Strasser


"MEAT MATE, where have you been all my cooking life? This book truly answers all the basic questions I’ve been asking myself of how, what,  where and when to cook all the different cuts of meats. Meat mate educates you on the ins and outs of meat and has so many great recipes to apply the theory. It’s well priced and great VALUE for money!!"

Rania S

"There is a wealth of tips and advice on how to cook your meat to perfection throughout the book. They are all so valuable. You can spot them on different pages. Apply these to your meat cooking and you’ll see a world of difference!"

Jacky F

"I have found Your Meat Mate so helpful!  It contains a wealth of information that covers the why and how to cook meat and now I understand why just following a recipe hasn’t been enough. Every page contains simple but effective tips and suggested techniques that really work. This book is a must-read for anyone who cooks meat dishes!"

E Mike