Your meat doesn’t love crowds

I have always mentioned in Your Meat Mate that cooking meat to perfection requires a high heat to brown and caramelise the exterior followed by a low heat to gently cook the interior.

To achieve that high heat blast do not overcrowd your pan, grill plate or roasting tray no matter how tempting that may be.

If your pan, grill plate or roasting tray is too crowded then that drops the temperature of the meat. What happens then is, instead of creating those delicious brown sediments, the juices (that you so badly want to retain in the meat as much as possible) will release from your meat and your meat will stew instead of brown.

This is why it is so important to have skills and knowledge to cook meat.


Because chances are that meat cooking recipes (or any recipes to cook a protein) may forget to tell you this. Also, the recipe may not have factored in the size of your pan, grill plate or roasting tray.

A lot of home chefs don’t know this and end up with the poor results.

Follow the simple technique of ensuring plenty of room in your fry pan, grill plate or oven tray and you will see terrific browning to the meat’s exterior as well as delicious juices and sediments in the pan from which you can use to create restaurant quality sauces (please note you cannot such sauces from your grill plate).

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