Want to create terrific meat dishes? Use a mortar and pestle.

A mortar and pestle may be heavy and bulky but, from one meat enthusiast to another, I strongly advise you to have one. It will last because it does not rely on mechanics nor fads. It is a timeless piece of equipment with a timeless function.

Part of the skill and knowledge to cooking red meat is to understand flavours. Having the skills and knowledge to cook your meat to perfection is, of course, great but knowing how to create great flavours adds more to great meat cooking.

The mortar and pestle, because of its timeless attributes, goes back to basics to create the most amazing sauces, marinades and really flavourful dry spices. It’s primitiveness is a positive because when you create these amazing flavours to your meat – or chicken, fish or even vegies, you are using the age old technique of bruising what you are hitting with the pestle (the stick) into the mortar (the bowl) thus releasing its natural flavours and oils. You can’t achieve the same effect using an electric food processor with blades because all you are achieving is cutting. For example, in the electric food processor fresh herbs are being cut, whole spices are being cut, fresh garlic or ginger are being cut and not really releasing much natural flavour nor the oils.

If you have whole spices, use the mortar and pestle to crush and bruise them to release their natural oils and flavours before using them to coat your meat or add to your sauce – or whatever!

Want to make a sauce or marinade? Bruise those fresh herbs and watch and smell those oils and flavours come out! Add your garlics, seasoning, oil and lemon juice! Bruise and combine them all together! So flavourful!

Yes – we are going back to caveman era but so many good things can be produced by basic equipment.  The mortar and pestle combo is no exception. As said, it will never let you down. It doesn’t rely on technology and will never go out of fashion!

Such a simple and powerful piece of equipment! Easily available at kitchen shops and catering warehouses.

Pick up one today!