Phil’s Incredible Christmas Package!


Your Meat Mate (soft copy) – the book that teaches you everything you need to know to cook red meat to perfection.

Comes with 4 eBooks:

  • Your Herbs and Spices Mate
    • Having knowledge on how to use herbs and spices in your cooking will help you to prepare and cook your meals to restaurant quality – no matter what your skill level is in the kitchen!

    • You will learn how herbs and spices can work for you so that you can add unique and delicious flavours to your masterfully cooked red meat.

  • Your Stock Mate
    • Homemade stocks would have to be one of the most nutritious and valuable liquids you could possibly use in your cooking. Your knowledge and ability to create them, understand how to maximise the quality of them and how to incorporate them into your cooking will do enormous justice to the quality of your sauces, braised dishes, soups, and even your rice pilafs and risottos!
  • Your Sauce Mate
    • This mini eBook is a quick and easy read. It will show you, by using quality and nutritious homemade stocks (that you are now able to create after reading Your Stock Mate) how you can instantly create restaurant quality sauces to add interest and excitement to your meat dishes.
  • Your Seafood Mate
    • The ability to prepare and cook seafood is a skill that should be in every home chef’s culinary toolbox. Seafood is quick to cook, easy to prepare. It is light, highly nutritious and is a terrific option for when you want to have a break from red meat.
    • In this mini eBook you will learn what it takes to gain the most from your seafood purchase and to cook it the way seafood should be cooked. Add this skill to your repertoire and cook seafood like the professionals!


  • A digital meat thermometer – the best way to test your meat for readiness

For just $35 plus postage this package is the perfect set to have you cooking up incredible meals through spring!



Why this book is a must have.

It is Your Meat Mate 101. It is everything you need to know about meat before you hit the recipe books. Once you read Your Meat Mate, you will be able to navigate any recipe with a new level of confidence – changing it as you like to fit your specific needs.

This book will show you that you don’t necessarily need the expensive tender cuts to create delicious meat dishes. The more affordable cuts are just as good and if cooked correctly, as shown in the book, will also turn out to be restaurant quality meat dishes. But don’t discard the tender cuts because they are delicious!

Whilst there are recipes in the book, the book focuses on the knowledge, skills and techniques that the professionals use to create terrific meat dishes. Simply by cooking meat properly you have created the perfect meat meal!

This book will give you, the meat lover and the home cook, the ability to take control in your own kitchen. You will be able to go to a butchers display bar, identify the cut that you want and know exactly what to do with it when you get home.

 You will be able to cook meat to impress – friends, family…… whoever!


Table of Contents

Prologue: Meet Phil Strasser

1 Meat Production & Providores

2 Meat Composition & Cuts

3 Cookery Methods

4 Terminology & Recipes

5 Sauces

6 In a Nutshell


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