Digital Thermometer






A multi-purpose digital thermometer with stainless steel probe.

Range: -50 to 300C
Probe length: approx. 145mm
Display Resolution : 0.1C
Functions: min/max, memory of last measure, 10 min shutdown for power saving.

Digital thermometers should be part and parcel of meat cooking.

Getting the correct temperature underpins the success of every method used to cook meat to perfection.

The most reliable way to achieve this precision is with a digital thermometer. Using a digital thermometer will ensure that you do not cut into the meat to test for doneness because if you do, all that valuable juice will be lost.

Throughout the book I have recommended a desirable temperature range, which is based on my own experience cooking meat.

Either purchase the digital thermometer on its own


Purchase the soft copy of Your Meat Mate and receive the digital thermometer free.


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