If all else fails, just keep your steak delicious and simple!

If COVID has made things complicated, then why don’t you simplify? We all need to eat dinners and sometimes we just don’t have the time nor the inclination to cook up something really substantial even though we want it.

We may take the trouble to go to a restaurant for a good quality steak and, truth be told, the steak you may order will take them such little time to prepare that for the money you would have saved, you might as well have done that steak at home.

For this blog I have a really simple but absolutely flavourful marinade that takes very little time to create. The ingredients are few and so readily available that why would you bother going out for your steak?

You just need the skills and knowledge to cook steaks while letting this easy marinade do the rest – add flavour!


Please note that the marinade is an individual thing so the quantities can be varied to suit. The ingredients as well, can be varied. For example, swap the garlic for ginger. Or add ginger



Feeds 4


skirt steak                                                                      approx. 1200g  (2.640 pounds)


Beef Massel stock cubes finely diced                                                    2 – 3

Fresh garlic cloves crushed                                                                     4

Fresh rosemary and/or fresh parsley finely chopped         small handful

Olive oil                                                                                          enough to cover the above ingredients



Place all the ingredients in a bowl and using your fingers ‘smudge’ the stock cubes into the rest of the ingredients to form as much of a paste as possible.

Smear over the meat


Let sit for 2 – 4 hours.

Pan fry the steaks to your liking.

Please note: the skirt steaks is best cooked to a maximum doneness of med – rare.

My advice is to sear the steak on high heat to brown.

Lower the heat to gently cook the interior.

Using a digital thermometer bring the temperature to a range of 55 – 65 degrees C (130 – 150 degrees F).

Remove from the pan

Let rest.

Thinly slice and serve.

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