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Red Meat

Sugarloaf Espresso Cafe , Shop 2/95 O'Sullivan Rd, Rose Bay , New South Wales, Australia, 2029

Pan fried New York Steak delicately topped with a tomato concasse and garlic flavoured red wine reduced sauce served with herbed rice pilaff and blanched asparagus (or broccoli)  

In this exciting 3 hour class you will learn the skills and gain the knowledge that the professional chef has to create this dish to restaurant quality level.

Session Outcome:

At the end of this session you will know:

  • What it takes to master the art of pan frying steak to impress who you are cooking for.
  • Cooking rice – the pilaf method.
  • Sauce making techniques (which go hand in hand with good steak cooking) .
  • Chef skills in effectively marrying up the different components of the menu to create a hearty meal in a systematic and timely manner.

For more of what you will learn, please click HERE

Save your $$$ and gain the confidence to do this dish professionally in your own home!


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Ticket Only

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Ticket + Book

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