Duke of Edinburgh Cooking Classes right here in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs


Complete your Duke of Edinburgh requirements with Philby’s Fine Foods Duke of Ed Cookery Classes


We provide a series of cookery classes where each session builds on the previous session for the sole purpose of giving you the skills and techniques (right from the first session) to create delicious meals for yourself, family and friends.


Here at Philby’s Fine Foods you will learn a wealth of tips and ideas of what professional chefs are doing in the commercial kitchens that you can adopt in your own home kitchen which are sure to make an enormous difference to your overall end result.


Learning to cook based on sound cooking principles is not the only skill and technique that you learn at Philby’s Fine Foods, you also learn other life skills that are part and parcel of cookery such as time management, kitchen organization skills, working together as a team, hygiene and safety – just to name a few!


This is a fun, relaxed, yet productive series of classes.


I know you will be enriched from every session – learning something new each and every time!!!


The best thing is that, after even one session, you will have what it takes to cook for yourself, family and friends.





$100 per student if there are 4 students


$90 per student if there are 5 – 10 students


Contact us to day to find out when they are running