Red Meat, Red Faces!

The perfect comedy red meat cooking demonstration for those who love to cook and eat red meat!

Join Phil (qualified chef, teacher, author of Your Meat Mate as featured on the Channel 7 Morning Show) together with comedian David Valvo!

Phil will teach you what it takes to cook red meat to perfection – regardless of the cut and regardless of the cookery method.

Make sure that you are hungry! There will be plenty of delicious – flavoursome and tender variety of meat for dinner!

Grab his passion! Grab all the valuable skills, tips, ideas and knowledge from him so that you can apply it all at home straight away to achieve restaurant quality results!

Phil’s book Your Meat Mate and digital thermometers will be available for sale on the night.



  • What to be mindful of when selecting meat. In this section we cover grass fed/grain fed as well as wet age/dry age.
  • What is meat and why does it behave the way that it does? Why are certain cuts suitable for certain cookery methods?
  • We look at the different cuts of the 4 main land animals (beef, veal, lamb and pork) that you are most likely to purchase from the butcher. What are these cuts? Where are they located on the animal and what are the most suitable cookery methods for these cuts and why.
  • The 4 main cookery methods – roasting, grilling, pan frying and braising – our advice to get the most from these cuts to achieve restaurant quality results!

Get ready for an entertaining, relaxed and informative event!

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